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Multi Servicios

  • Hispanic Resource Center

    Hispanic Resource Center

    WE ACCOMPANY YOU TO: The Consulate of your country To the court To the lawyer To the doctor To the dentist To the chiropractor We fill out papers and forms We serve you as an interpreter We serve as a tour guide WE ADVISE YOU FOR: The purchase of your car The purchase of your house To start a business To obtain permits, licenses and more

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  • Services Unlimited

    Services Unlimited

    Community Assistance Center, all the services you need in one place: Immigration Services Deportations Citizenships Pardons / Waiver Political asylum Applications: Medicaid, Stamps, Social Security Apostille Notarizations Divorce / Custody Maintenance Criminal Defense Domestic violence Need an Immigration, Family or Accident Lawyer

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  • B&N Multiservices Inc

    B&N Multiservices Inc

    Your Leading Professional Services Company Personal and Corporate Income Tax We have the newest technology and knowledge to obtain the maximum benefit within the law. We can deduct the charges from the preparation of your refund if you qualify. We also help you in: Preparing statements from previous years. At B & N Multiservices we specialize in tax preparation correctly in an honest, quick and safe manner.

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  • Jemuguz's Corporation a General Services Company

    Jemuguz's Corporation a General Services Company

    Repair and sale of household appliances Highlights plumbing, electricity Air conditioner Handyman service Remodeling of houses and apartments Technical maintenance of restaurants, shops and real estates Short training courses on appliance repair Sale of used parts of household appliances General painting

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  • Telexpress Multiservices

    Telexpress Multiservices

    Accounting services: Employees' salary Filling of books Preparation of individual and corporate taxes Registration of corporations and / or businesses Dreamers, application filling, form 1810 DACA Obtaining licenses and permits Processing or renewal of your ITIN Public notary

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  • Alltax


    Tax preparation We process your ITIN Registry of corporations Payroll / Payroll Notary services Apostilles Elaboration and translation of documents

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